PROOFING TOOLSYou upload and share – your clients comment and approve. Sign up for your free workflow software. 100 ideas that changed graphic design pdf today and use it forever.

PDF files into a specific project. Client: Client receives a link to view the project online. In an instant they can approve or give direct on-page feedback. Text Specialist: Client’s or internal proofreaders receive a link to view the project online. Text edits are suggested directly on the artwork or document. Colour coding allows you to determine entire campaign progress at a glance. With one glance you can see which jobs need action and which have been approved – without opening a single document!

Now you can get you proofing done on a mobile device when it’s convenient for you. DRAW BOX TOOLWith the Box Markup function, you can easily mark up a particular area in a document – where you want to make corrections. A note box automatically pops up for you to add your comments. TEXT HIGHLIGHTER TOOLHighlight text that needs to be replaced without using Acrobat.

Sounds too good to be true? And even better – the text is automatically copied to a sticky note for editing. Text is supported in many languages – including Greek, Russian, Arabic and Chinese – and can automatically be translated into over 60 languages. DRAWING TOOLIf you need to show more accurately and in more detail what your comment is about, just use this handy tool to create your own figures. ATTACH FILESAttach files to sticky notes – precisely where they are relevant. An attachment could be, for example, a new image or a text file but all kinds of files can be attached. REVISION HISTORYWant to check a document’s history?

Scroll back and forth in the correction history for each page, to see who changed what, and when. Every action is fully audited to avoid mistakes. You only need their email address. The external users can then simply and easily add comments. The user-friendliness is top notch, helping you make corrections with no professional training needed.