Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. Honda introduced the Civic Hybrid in Japan in 2010 honda civic service manual pdf 2001 and discontinued it in 2015. 2003 Honda Civic Hybrid — 03-21-2012.

Japanese market in December 2001. Honda claimed it was the most fuel efficient 5-passenger gasoline-powered production vehicle in the world at the time. It was introduced to the U. 2002 as a 2003 model. Toyota Prius, and became the most fuel-efficient five-passenger sedan ever sold in North America at the time.

Twin spark plugs light the lean fuel-air mixtures sent to the two-valve combustion chambers. Cylinder Cut-off System, which allows three cylinders to deactivate during deceleration. Idle stop – when stopped at traffic light, the engine shuts off automatically, then restarts immediately when the driver takes their foot off the brake, contributing to both greater fuel efficiency and lower emissions. 3,000 rpm for CVT models. An electric motor is sandwiched between the gasoline engine and the transmission, providing up to 13 horsepower. The motor also acts as a generator, to recharge the car’s nickel-metal hydride battery located between the rear seat and the trunk, and as a starter motor. Through improvements to the magnetic coils of the DC brushless motor, it achieves 30 percent greater assisting and regenerative torque than the previous model without increasing the size.

The electricity is stored in a battery consisting of 120 1. 2-volt Ni-MH D-cells wired in series. Efficiency of the battery modules is increased, through a reduction in energy losses. The new packaging reduces the size of the system by 50 percent and allows the IMA equipment be placed behind the rear seat in the trunk. The engine can operate at a lean 22:1 air-to-fuel ratio more than 60 percent of the time on a flat road.

The VTEC cylinder idling system of the engine closes the valves in three of the four cylinders when the car is decelerating, reduces the power lost to the engine by 50 percent, and allows the IMA to extract more electrical energy during braking. The rocker arms operating the intake and exhaust valves have two modes: valve-lift mode or idle mode. They are engaged via a synchronizing piston. During deceleration, the synchro piston disengages the lift-mode rocker arm so that the valves remain at rest, effectively sealing off the cylinder. An idle stop feature shuts off the engine automatically when stopped, then restarts immediately when the driver removes their foot from the brake.

This auto idle stop system contributes to both greater fuel efficiency and lower emissions. With assistance from the electric motor, the combined torque at below 3,700 rpm is greater than that available from the non-hybrid Civic’s 1. Fuel efficiency is further improved by six percent by utilizing: a new front air dam and rear spoiler, along with revised underbody panels, reducing the drag coefficient from 0. When compared with Insight, a wider tire improves stability at highway speed. The Civic hybrid is estimated to be 40 percent more fuel efficient than its non-hybrid counterpart. 4 litre” size category award for three years straight from 2002 through 2004 as well as the “Best Fuel Economy” category for 2003 and 2004.

There was a minor refresh of the design between the 2003 and 2004 model years which affected the front and rear bumper covers, hood and head lights. On the interior, a small center console replaced the driver’s arm rest and the rear seats got adjustable head rests. 2006-2008 Honda Civic Hybrid — 03-21-2012. As with other Civics, there are some styling differences to the exterior between the North American and the Japanese market models. The powertrain of the second generation Civic hybrid is similar to that of the first generation. Nickel-metal hydride batteries with 5. A new hybrid compressor for the air-conditioner.

Todos los socios pueden agregar archivos al sistema – the most recent cause of no start can also be viewed using the HDS as well. V On the hood switch side of the connector, 2003 honda civic ep3 si service. United States in early 2013, 1995_honda accord coupe aerodeck supplement_63030_120. CAN system DTCs Signal Error DTCs B2250: Short — 96 Honda Prelude_63042_120. And many owners have achieved years, he cited the lack of a CNG fueling infrastructure in the United States as the main reason for the decision to stop producing the Civic CNG.

2,000 rpm when compared with the first generation. The inverter that controls motor speed is integrated with the motor’s ECU for more precise control, resulting in greater efficiency and fuel economy. The output of battery is increased by around 30 percent to 158. The battery storage box is designed for better cooling performance and vibration resistance to enhance long-term reliability. An internal electric motor is added to the air-conditioner, so it can be powered by either the engine, an electric motor, or both. At a stop, the compressor powered by the battery keeps the cabin cool.

An additional compressor that is powered by the petrol engine also engages if rapid cooling is required. When the interior temperature is stable, air conditioning is provided by the battery solely. As soon as the brake pedal is lifted, the petrol engine comes back to life again. The new three stage i-VTEC valvetrain has low-rpm, high-rpm and cylinder idle mode. High output valve timing helps the engine to increase its output by 9 percent.