Clive and Sally a delicate balance pdf marital problems and then their friend suggests to Clive a way that Sally could fulfil Clive’s fantasies. What’s a little mind control between husband and wife? Freddy asks Daphne to incorporate a little spice into their marriage. Things did not work out as Freddy planned.

A classic story of tease and denial domination as well as a little workplace harassment. Young Ethan is entranced by the older, dominant Andrea who reveals his submissive nature publicly in a humiliating display. And Andrea does not stop there! Originally a work commissioned by a reader with specific themes and character names, the book has been altered for public  consumption. The story of a young man who falls under the spell of a colleague. Leon’s wife, Madge is obscenely wealthy and very jealous.

Their relationship has faltered badly and Leon flirts with his assistant but Madge with the help of her gay pal friend, Joshua, unveils an elaborate scheme of revenge involving mind control. Life has become boring for Betsy, a nurse and mechanic husband Lenny. She is enjoying her new control over Lenny and is enforcing her power every day! It is almost as if a new Betsy has been born!

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Betsy pushes even more and there are dramatic changes in the lives of Betsy and Lenny! From the Carmenica Diaz Classic Collection! Ross requested that his wife be a little broadminded and become a little dominant in their sex play. Debra tries and Ross accepts what he thinks is her naïve attempt until Debra devises a unique birthday gift. Happy birthday Ross, happy birthday – birthday boy!