What’s Free or Cheap in NYC? Go to Page A handbook of organic terrace gardening pdf Never be afraid to ask! Most homeschooling parents and students and support groups are happy to help.

If you don’t find your question answered, or you want to post some further information, please fill out the form at Ask Laurie. See also some Recently Asked Questions and our Special Ed resources page. Laurie Spigel is available for educational consultations. How do I go about applying for entry into a specialized NYC public high school for my homeschooled child? I cannot speak English fluently enough to teach required subjects in English. Is it possible to homeschool my son in NYC?

Where can I find a practical arts book for 7th grade? My son is a 16 year old H. 10th grade, although he should be in the 11th grade. My question is would an accredited online high school program be my best option or does that really matter in the eyes of a college? How do I get working papers for my child? Can you tell me how many quarterly hours a 9th grader should have.

I know a lower grade student needs 225 hours each quarter. Does a 9th grader need 248? My friend in NJ wants to know if she is eligible to apply for one. How do I find out what school district I am in? The laws in my other state were different. Does my child have to be in school by the age of 5 by NYC law? What is the compulsory age for mandatory high school?

How soon can a student stop filing? My child would like to go to summer camp, but he doesn’t want a camp where every other child is from a traditional school. Do you know of any summer camps that will have other homeschooled kids? I want to pick Strawberries, Blueberries, and Peaches. Do you know where we could do that? Does home schooling has to be done by one of the parents or can it be done by a private agency or teachers? The parent or guardian must do the paperwork and filing with the DoE, but the parent does not have to be the teacher!

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New York State regulations state that if a parent hires a teacher for a group of children who meet for more than half of their educational hours, then the parent has created a school and is subject to a whole different set of regulations. Two homeschool learning centers in Manhattan are The ROC in the East Village: and Different Directions on West 57th St. The largest organization of homeschoolers in NYC is NYCHEA, where you will find monthly meetings and fairs for kids, and a monthly newsletter listing field trips and classes. You will need a test admission ticket for the SHSAT exam. This ticket must be picked up or received in the mail in early October for a test date at the end of October. Check the DoE calendar well in advance.

Make certain that your applications to these schools are submitted well in advance. Do not rely on the DoE homeschooling office to submit paperwork or applications for you, or to transfer necessary paperwork or records to the schools you are applying to. The parent must personally make sure that all of these tasks are taken care of, and that the test ticket is reserved in advance. I can recommend a workbook series on grammar and punctuation that is self-correcting, where all the answers are on the next page and the child can do most of it him or herself. The series is called Daily Language Workouts and there is one for every grade level. Practical arts has also been called “life skills”. According to the board of ed.

So you could teach your 7th grader one of the following: how to balance a checkbook, open a bank account, make a profit running a lemonade stand, how to do the laundry, mend clothing, cook a dinner, how to properly put out a kitchen fire, plant a garden, or repair a lamp, and so on. Those skills would all come into this category. The best answer to your question is to go to the college and ask them directly. I visited several colleges and universities with my two sons. At each admissions office I asked the same question: “Is your application process for homeschooled students the same as it is for regularly schooled students?

In most places the answer was yes. I carefully read each application, and they asked for the equivalent of fours years of high school. One or two of the colleges we asked had extra requirements for homeschoolers, usually three extra Sat II exams. SUNY is the New York State university system, a good deal for NYS residents, and they are one of the few places that still requires a diploma, regardless of how many exams you have taken. There are equivalents that they will accept. These include: a passing grade on the GED, passing grades in five specific Regents exams, earning at least 24 college credits. Most homeschooled teens take college courses and earn real college credits, while still in high school.