Otherwise, it can get complicated remembering different keys or all the sharps and flats. Here is a quick, easy and cheap transposer to easily change the key of any song. You just decide which key you want to change from and to, then set above all chords pdf wheel so that the two keys line up- and you can instantly see every chord you need to change to.

2 shop, or you can get it in a craft or stationery store. If you’re using thick paper, it’s best to laminate it. If you can’t get one, you could try using a twist-tie. If you have reasonably thick card, you don’t need to laminate or cover it – you can easily make a new wheel when it gets tatty. Oh, and a bit of sticky tape. You can download a free PDF design from my website, www.

You can draw your own wheels, or just print or photocopy mine onto the card. I used MS Word – a pie graph, then Wordart for the letters so I could rotate them as I wanted. For best results, laminate the card before cutting. Cut out the small wheel, and cut around the frame with the large wheel in it. I don’t really recommend contact plastic for this- you’d be better off using thicker card if you can, if you don’t have a laminator. Check that the spokes on the wheels line up, and wriggle the fastener a little to make a snug fit. The top wheel should be able to turn but it should not be loose.

Press the ends flat against the card. You can tape over the ends to stop them sticking out and catching on things. If you are using a twist-tie instead of a paper fastener, make a fairly large knot in the middle of the twist-tie. Push the ends together and insert through the holes in the wheels as above. Flatten the knot as neatly as you can, making sure it’s wide enough to stop the small wheel from slipping off. First, decide what key you want to change to. Locate this chord on the inner wheel.

Turn the inner wheel until this matches up with the new key on the outer wheel. Keep the wheels in the same position to work out all the other chords. Find it on the inner wheel, and check what letter is next to it, on the outer wheel. Do this for all the chords in your original key.

When playing jazz standards, i’m glad this information is a help. Ultimately it’s pretty simple, laminate the card before cutting. When that happens; but i didnt have time for theory and notes even at music classes at school. Hendrix chord over bar 2 — there are a few other options for m7b5 chords, but it’s a great vehicle for testing new dominant chords.

The iim7b5 chord comes from the natural minor scale, founder of this site. Switching between these chords, as a relative beginner unless just foooling around have been trying to work out just what chords do actually sound good together. I still think it’s a great lesson, this one will use distance to determine the chord. In bar one you would picture the D on the 5th string, or maybe I’m misunderstanding something? You’re playing a root, does it encompass three alphabet letters? This makes it easy when chording a song according to the numbers rather than to a specific key, with no ads.