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This excellent self-study book for intense IELTS preparation in a few weeks is designed to help students achieve their best personal score. All IELTS tips, techniques, strategies and advice are focused on maximizing students’ score by increasing their task-solving speed and efficiency, and preventing typical mistakes. This guide is here to teach you the IELTS test, not the English language. IELTS, unless you are prepared for it. Two main problems will get in your way: time, tricks and logical traps. When it comes to IELTS, time is your worst enemy.

You need to do things fast. Of course you would get all the answers right if you had the time. This book might not give you the perfect English, but it sure will help you to get in shape and ACE the IELTS! I believe that if you can read and understand this e-book, your English is good enough.

You don’t have to follow the order in which the book is written. If you don’t have much time, I suggest reading this book and doing only the exercises that are included in it, no extra work. This is not the ideal way, though. IELTS Examiner how to raise your score by at least One Whole Band. You will discover the exact way to write and speak in the IELTS test to get the highest possible result. An intensive course on maximizing your IELTS score by creating a positive image in your examiner’s mind, 64 pages of tips, techniques and examples. A full collection of Writing samples, including corrections, suggestions and an approximate Band Score.

The samples range from Band 6 to Band 7. 5 and include both Writing Task 1 and Task 2. This website is to develop your IELTS skills with tips, model answers, lessons, free books, and more. We help millions of IELTS learners maximize their IELTS scores!

Did not See What You Were Looking For? I had to attend IELTS for immigration purposes and I had to receive at least 6. My English is not that good but I just had to pass the IELTS exam. In my country I could take a very expensive course to prepare for the exam, but I couldn’t afford it. Also when I was searching in the internet, I found some expensive courses for IELTS preparation. And finally I found this cheap book and bought it. You can prepare for the IELTS by using only this book, I did it.

I received 7 in my IELTS! Thank you Simone for this great book, you made my dream for immigration possible! I brought this book couple of weeks back to get prepared for IELTS. I am a computer engineer by profession and working with multi-national companies since last 11 years so I thought I have a decent knowledge in English and I should be okay to sit for IELTS. The very moment I have started digging about this exam my confidence level gone down significantly. Lots of scary stuff written all over the place and I felt like it’s easier to go to space than sit for this. Then I started searching for books in Amazon, Initially was skeptical to buy this book.

Rather than going all over the place at the same time this book gives you a direction and a process to follow. After reading few pages you will get to know what exactly has to be done to get target band 7 and how will do it. Last but not the least I should mention about the writer. I must appreciate her attitude towards this book. I know there is no shortcut for this exam, rather not in any exam like this.

But at the same time the guidance you will take is very important. After following a book or a teacher for a purpose, most of us start inheriting the attitude of the guide and I think that is very important. Positive attitude leads to success and negative one misleads you. The following two tabs change content below. Improve your IELTS skills with tips, model answers, lessons, free books, and more ———— “The more you share, the more you get. The more you share, the more you get. Com is a useful blog dedicated to bringing global IELTS learning community together.