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The comments and data contained herein are for informational purposes only. Touch for Health is not used for the diagnosis or treatment of disease or serious medical conditions and emergencies. Seek appropriate professional health care in these situations. Abstract by Earl Cook with Dr. In AK and the chiropractic profession, the muscle test is used as a complementary diagnostic tool in the evaluation of the musculoskeletal and nervous systems.

Osteopathy, Scott C Cuthbert and George J Goodheart, Jr. MMT since 1915, when the first peer-reviewed publication occurred. The MMT employed by chiropractors, physical therapists, and neurologists was shown to be a clinically useful tool, but its ultimate scientific validation and application requires testing that employs sophisticated research models in the areas of neurophysiology, biomechanics, RCTs, and statistical analysis. In other studies, the following results have been found.

These findings suggest a neurologic basis for manual muscle testing. Fatigue results in a less efficient muscle process. Muscles subjectively testing “Weak” or “Strong” yield effects significantly different from fatigue. Over-all, significant differences were found in muscle-test responses between congruent and incongruent semantic stimuli. Remembering Wellness in Touch for Health Kinesiology – a History, Context and Vision for Touch For Health, the First 25 Years and the Next Millennium. Objective measurement of proprioceptive technique consequences on muscular maximal voluntary contraction during manual muscle testing.

Electromyographic effects of fatigue and task repetition on the validity of estimates of strong and weak muscles in applied kinesiological muscle-testing procedures. Somatosensory evoked potential changes during muscle testing. Leisman G, Shambaugh P, Ferentz AH. Interexaminer agreement for applied kinesiology manual muscle testing. Applied Kinesiology unreliable for assessing nutrient status. Kenney JJ, Clemens R, Forsythe KD.

Muscle test comparisons of congruent and incongruent self-referential statements. Monti DA, Sinnott J, Marchese M, Kunkel EJ, Greeson JM. Intrarater reliability of manual muscle testing and hand-held dynametric muscle testing. Perot C, Meldener R, Goubel F. A preliminary inquiry into manual muscle testing response in phobic and control subjects exposed to threatening stimuli. Correlation of Applied Kinesiology Muscle Testing Findings with Serum Immunoglobulin Levels for Food Allergies.

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