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Please forward this error screen to 69. Finally, a revolutionary and effective recovery approach for the sugar and carb addicted or compulsive overeater that completely eliminates cravings by getting to the true root of the problem. No more sneaking, relapsing, shame, blame, guilt or remorse. Carbs, but Caffeine, Chocolate, Dairy, and Any Other Addictive Food Substance Not only that, you’ll also alleviate depression, anxiety, loss of motivation, focus, attention and energy that typically accompany your food cravings and binges. Better yet, you can also help protect your health from other more serious health conditions like type 2 diabetes, heart disease, obesity, autoimmune disorders, cancer, and Alzheimer’s simultaneously. If you’re ready to achieve all this and more, then you are in the right place. Sugar-Free Life As any sugar or carb addict knows, breaking a sugar addiction can be just as difficult as an addiction to alcohol or drugs.

But, I can help you make this process go a lot smoother and more comfortable. Unfortunately, for the carb or sugar addict there is not a sugar addiction treatment and recovery center or program that focuses purely on this addiction. Many may turn to one of the 12 step programs like Overeaters Anonymous, but as with most 12 step programs, they are not very effective or successful. The sugar and carb addict continues to fight constant cravings and endure never-ending relapse.

What most people don’t realize is that sugar addiction is just like any other addiction. The reason a 12 step program is not effective is because it does not address the true roots of addiction. Addiction to sugar and carbs, or any other substance, is not the result of a mental disorder, character defects, weak will, personality disorders or spiritual failings. The roots of sugar and carb addiction lie in disrupted or depleted neurotransmitters in the brain and impairment in the endocrine system. It is out of whack biochemistry that can be successfully addressed with very specific diet, nutrition and lifestyle changes. Now, although I don’t have a bricks and mortar treatment center, I do have the perfect self-help solution for you in my Break Your Sugar Addiction Today Toolkit, which will teach you how to restore balance to your brain chemistry and endocrine system.

When you restore balance to your biochemistry, then cravings for sugar, carbs, and other addictive substances cease to exist. Now I crave healthy foods and enjoy eating them. Cynthia Perkins makes no excuses when it comes to sugar addiction and I admire her simplistic yet powerful approach. I found that the book, Break Your Sugar Addiction Today, has given me the needed tools to help my own clients. It is very informative and full of great insight. It is straight forward easy to understand and implement. Cynthia, I’ve been following your dietary suggestions and it has completely taken away my food cravings and put an end to my overeating.

Why Breaking Sugar Addiction is Important Sugar addiction is a silent killer. Although you don’t see immediate consequences like you do with alcohol, cocaine, meth, heroin, etc. It doesn’t appear to be life-threatening on the surface, because its effects are cumulative and take time to materialize. The American Diabetes Association classifies sugar as one of top three primary causes of degenerative disease in America. Not only that, addiction to sugar often leads to alcoholism or drug addiction, as the body breaks down and tolerance builds.

Sugar is a Drug Sugar has a chemical make up that is almost identical to alcohol. It stimulates the neurotransmitters in the brain that are responsible for addictive behavior in the same manner as alcohol and harder drugs. This is why we feel “high” when we eat sugar. Brain imaging scans reveal that sugar affects the brain in the same way as hard drugs like cocaine, heroin and morphine. Over time, as sugar is continually ingested, tolerance builds and more sugar is needed to achieve the same effects, just like alcohol and drugs. Eventually this leads to complete dependence on sugar to get through the day.

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