This article’s lead section does not adequately summarize key points of its contents. The city is located in the present day Osun State. Yoruba Copper mask african art frank willett pdf King Obalufon, Ife, Nigeria c.

According to Yoruba religion, Olodumare, the Supreme God, ordered Obatala to create the earth but on his way he found palm wine which he drank and became intoxicated. Oduduwa had sons, daughters, and a grandson who went on to found their own kingdoms and empires, namely Ila Orangun, Owu, Ketu, Sabe, Popo and Oyo. Ife is a descendant of the godking Oduduwa, and is counted first among the Yoruba kings. In fact, the royal dynasty of Ife traces its origin back to the founding of the city more than ten thousand years before the birth of Jesus Christ. Ife is well known as the city of 401 deities. It is said that every day of the year the traditional worshippers celebrate a festival of one of these deities.

Often the festivals extend over more than one day and they involve both priestly activities in the palace and theatrical dramatisations in the rest of the kingdom. Bronze Head from Ife, probably a king and dated around 1300 C. Terracotta head from Ife, probably a king, 12th to 15th Century C. Kings and Gods were often depicted with large heads because the artists believed that the Ase was held in the head, the Ase being the inner power and energy of a person. Both historic figures of Ife and the offices associated with them are represented. One of the best documented among this is the early king Obalufon II who is said to have invented bronze casting and is honored in the form of a naturalistic copper life-size mask. The city was a settlement of substantial size between the 12th and 14th centuries, with houses featuring potsherd pavements.

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