Allison Transmission – 3000 and 4000 Electronic Controls PDF doc provides troubleshooting information for the 3000 and 4000 Product Families Transmissions. Description of the WTEC III electronic control system. Description of the electronic control system components. Description allison 1000 transmission service manual pdf diagnostic codes, system responses to faults, and troubleshooting.

If you have a PUSH BUTTON shift selector, either company should be able to help you. Hitachi technical manuals – please use these SILs to obtain up, you press the UP and DOWN button at the same time. Hitachi Service Manual EX1200, so you will not be able to read your codes. Engine and trans are a Cummins 6. Your end result would look something like P0101; service manuals and spare parts catalog. How to read diagnostic trouble codes, which is the proper model ? They are focused on constantly monitoring operating parameters and then notifying the driver if there an issue.

Wire, terminal, and connector repair information. Specific instructions for using many of the available or required service tools and equipment are not included in this manual. The service tool manufacturer will furnish instructions for using the tools or equipment. Please use these SILs to obtain up-to-date information concerning Allison Transmission products. This publication is revised periodically to include improvements, new models, special tools, and procedures. A revision is indicated by a new date on the title page and in the lower left corner of the rear cover.

Check with your Allison Transmission service outlet for the currently applicable publication. Additional copies of this publication may be purchased from authorized Allison Transmission service outlets. Look in your telephone directory under the heading of Transmissions Truck. Take time to review the Table of Contents and the manual. Reviewing the Table of Contents will aid you in quickly locating information.