Mistborn: The Alloy of Law is a high fantasy novel written by American author Brandon Sanderson. The Alloy of Alloy of law pdf free is set in an analog to the early 20th century, on Scadrial, approximately 300 years after the conclusion of the original trilogy. It also introduces the concept of Twinborn for the first time in the series.

Waxillium and his partner Lessie are investigating a serial killer in Feltrel, a small town in the Roughs. They decide to split up and Wax follows the murderer’s tracks, leading him into a small church, where he finds that Lessie had been captured and held as hostage by the serial killer. While trying to free her, something goes awry, and Wax accidentally kills Lessie. Due to his uncle’s inadequate financial operations, Wax is trying to save House Ladrian from bankruptcy. The only way to do it is to find a suitable high-born lady from a financially stable house to marry. Elendel to investigate a series of robberies and kidnappings for which a rogue band called “the Vanishers” is responsible.

At a wedding party held by House Tekiel, the Vanishers show up and try to kidnap Steris and Marasi. Wax and Wayne, working as a team, manage to save Marasi, and kill most of the band members, after their leader shoots a renowned peacekeeper. It is then that Wax decides to solve the case and rescue his wife-to-be. Wayne discovers the bandits’ hideout after interrogating one of the captives, who is held in police custody, and meets with Wax and Marasi in House Ladrian’s mansion to share his findings.

There Wax’s butler tries to kill him, by first poisoning him, shooting him, and then detonating a bomb, but the trio manage to escape. Wax and Wayne, accompanied by Marasi, go to the bandits’ hideout, and find it deserted. After a careful search, they discover an empty cigar box with numbers written on it. There they form a plan to capture the bandits during one of their robberies.

He manages to slip into the cargo hold of the train. Meanwhile, Wayne and Marasi watch as the bandits switch the train’s wagons, and manage to follow them to their new hideout. It is then revealed that the person who had recruited Miles in the first place is the presumed dead Lord Edwarn Ladrian, Wax’s uncle, who is still keeping the kidnapped women. Wax and Wayne decide that they will stay in Elendel and try to stop Lord Ladrian and his organization from fulfilling their plans. Waxillium “Wax” Ladrian: A descendant of Breeze’s house from the original trilogy, he is in his forties with twenty years of lawman experience. After leaving his life as a lawman in the Roughs, he returns to rebuild his House, which his uncle left poor and destitute.

He is shown to be an excellent shot with pistols and rifles, as well as an astute investigator. Wayne: Wax’s best friend and deputy, Wayne follows Wax back to the city and continues to pester him into rejoining the law career. He is also very capable at mimicking accents. Marasi Colms: An intelligent woman, she studies law in the university and occasionally blurts out random statistics.