Browser Compatibility Issue: We no longer support this version of Internet Explorer. For optimal site performance we recommend you update your browser to the latest version. When evaluating the performance of a SAR ADC it is frequently necessary to level shift analog circuit design bob dobkin pdf output of your signal source to conform to the ADC input range requirements.

Typically your choices are to use the DC offset of the signal source if that is an option on your generator or AC couple the signal source output. Generator DC offsets when available usually introduce noticeable distortion. The circuit of Figure 1 provides an alternative to using the generator’s DC offset or AC coupling the signal. The source impedance of the Stanford Research SR1 generator used is 25Ω. R1 will need to be adjusted if the generator you are using has different source impedance. 5V signal to 0 – 5V.

Figure 2 shows the input and output voltages of the circuit of Figure 1 with a 100Hz input signal. Trace 1 is the input and Trace 2 is the output. 119dB and the SNR is 112dB which is adequate for even 20-bit ADCs. Guy Hoover is an engineer with over 30 years of experience at Linear Technology as a technician, an IC design engineer and an applications engineer. He began his career at LTC as a technician, learning from Bob Dobkin, Bob Widlar, Carl Nelson and Tom Redfern working on a variety of products including op amps, comparators, switching regulators and ADCs.

He also spent considerable time during this period writing test programs for the characterization of these parts. The next part of his career at LTC was spent learning PSpice and designing SAR ADCs. Products designed by Guy include the LTC1197 family of 10-bit ADCs and the LTC1864 family of 12-bit and 16-bit ADCs. Guy is currently an applications engineer in the Mixed Signal group specializing in SAR ADC applications support.

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