Parts and Accessories Catalogue now available. Please anchor switches catalogue pdf: the website only shows a small selection of stocked items, we also stock different size nuts, bolts, washers and other fittings.

All orders are subject to terms and conditions. Select a parts category To view parts information please select a category from the drop-down list below. Indicates a mod already included in new kits. Installation of water drain valves – drains both sides of fuel tank, includes all necessary hoses and connections. Installation of cold air inlet plenum chamber.

Kit includes NACA duct splash moulding, plenum chamber, air filter, and connecting hardware. Conversion of tailwheel from the original Classic Europa style to the current monowheel tailwheel. This modification greatly improves ground handling. As Mod 43 but excludes epoxy resin. This modification enables Classic Europa fuselages to be converted to incorporate the XS style baggage bay. This modification adds a second fuel filter so that if the main tank filter becomes blocked, switching to the reserve tank will also switch to a separate filter. This system gives more accurate airspeed information than the original system with fuselage mounted static ports.

This modification prevents wear in the fasteners connecting the landing gear retraction lever to the landing gear mechanism. This modification enables Classic Europas to have the maximum gross weight increased from 1300 lb. This modification increases the effective size of the fuel tank by the addition of a subsidiary tank which feeds into the main tank. It provides an extra 35 litres of fuel. This kit provides a possible 9kt increase in speed.

It includes flap hinge, outrigger mechanism and wheel, and tailwheel fairings. Tri-gear aircraft should see a 10kt speed increase with all fairings added. The kit includes wheel, flap hinge, and leg fairings. This modification prevents grease from getting on to the friction disc, and improves the anti-shimmy adjustment. This modification introduces a float type fuel gauge, calibrated to the Europa fuel tank. Incorporation of this modification can be carried out at any stage, but is easier if completed before fitting the tank to the cockpit module.