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Wellbutrin, also known as bupropion, is used to treat long term depression and some versions of the medication are used to withdraw from nicotine and to help people stop smoking. Because Wellbutrin is used to treat long term depression, doctors expects people to develop a dependency on bupropion over time. Here, we explore the withdrawal process from Wellbutrin and what you are can expect over the course of a few weeks after cessation. Plus, more on whether or not getting addicted to antidepressants is possible.

Then, we invite your questions about Wellbutrin at the end. How long until Wellbutrin withdrawal starts? In general, withdrawal from Wellbutrin or a generic form of buproprion can start any time you miss a dose or after the effects of your last dose have worn off. In this way, you can feel the onset of withdrawal very quickly after the last dose of Wellbutrin has worn off.

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Different people will have different reactions to withdrawal from Wellbutrin. Most who are on regular doses of burpopion have been using it for long extended periods of time so most will go through withdrawal. The intensity and how long withdrawal lasts depends on the tapering schedule recommended by a physician. Those who go cold turkey experience more severity and dangerous withdrawal symptoms. However, keep in mind that when withdrawing from anti-depressants like Wellbutrin, the biggest thing you will have to face is the original symptoms of depression you were using the medication for. Many times, this depression comes with mood swings, anxiety, and irritation that can be present and last long after you have stopped taking Wellbutrin. Such symptoms make getting off the medication extremely difficult.

Still, this process and the side effects that arise can be made easier with appropriate Antidepressant Withdrawal And Detox Treatment Programs that work to make quitting Wellbutrin feel as safe and comfortable as possible. 72 hours Wellbutrin withdrawal: You are at risk for seizures during these hours. You may also experience flu like symptoms making you severely sick. You may experience uncontrolled crying and mood swings accompanied with worsened depression. Erratic thoughts are also common during the first few days of Wellbutrin withdrawal. Week 1 Wellbutrin withdrawal: During the first week of Wellbutrin withdrawal, you can be really tired and need more sleep. Continued increased depression can be expected, or feeling like you are out of the body.

Mental fog and tense muscles can also manifest during this time. Week 2 Wellbutrin withdrawal: Physical symptoms should begin to ease and your body should feel a little better by the second week after you stop taking Wellbutrin. But expect that adverse symptoms in regards to your mood to persist. It may be hard to sleep as nightmares may accompany a depressed emotional state.

Week 3-4 Wellbutrin withdrawal: It is possible that you gain weight in the first three to four weeks after you stop taking Wellbutrin. Rebound depression can affect you in even more intense ways. Symptoms of depression can make it hard to abstain from bupropion and some people start taking Wellbutrin again in order to address these feelings. Sometimes people will start a different SSRI or antidepressant medication to treat present depression. How long do Wellbutrin withdrawal symptoms last?