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The invading tribes from Central Asia till the time of last Gupta king adopted Hinduism and persecuted Buddhists. The Kings of Gupta dynasty were strongly opposed to Buddhism. Mahayana Buddhism, and the adoption of Buddhist ideas into Hindu schools, the differences between Buddhism and Hinduism blurred. Vaishnavism, Shaivism and other Hindu traditions became increasingly popular, and Brahmins developed a new relationship with the state.

As the system grew, Buddhist monasteries gradually lost control of land revenue. According to Hazra, Buddhism declined in part because of the rise of the Brahmins and their influence in socio-political process. Statements 2 and 3 are wrong. India recorded the general conditions and culture of India at that time. The roads and river-routes were completely immune from robbery.

As regards punishment for offences, ordeals by fire, water and poison were the instruments for determining the innocence or guilt of a person. The tradesmen had to pay duties at ferries and barrier stations. Select the correct answer using the codes given below. He was victim of robberies on Indian roads. The Shulba Sutras are part of the larger corpus of texts called the Shrauta Sutras, considered to be appendices to the Vedas. They are the only sources of knowledge of Indian mathematics from the Vedic period.

The four major Shulba Sutras, which are mathematically the most significant, are those attributed to Baudhayana, Manava, Apastamba and Katyayana. It was predominantly a secular civilization and the religious element, though present, did not dominate the scene. During this period, cotton was used for manufacturing textiles in India. These Jatakas are carved on which of the following stupas? Critically analyse the given golden rule of reciprocity.

Explain the difference between public and private blockchain. Also discuss its application in digitalization of land records. Discuss the benefits and limitations of offshore wind energy generation, in relation to onshore wind energy generation. Also discuss steps taken by Indian government to harness offshore wind energy.

Also, discuss the effect of these regulations on India. The Revolutionaries supplemented the national cause and carried the message of nationalism in the country and outside the country. Discuss in light of the contribution of revolutionaries to Indian freedom struggle. Dalit unrest points towards rumbling of discontent in a community disgruntled by the promises of empowerment. Insights into Editorial: Should gambling be legalised? Showing who you are, on paper. Click on the bonsai for the next poem.