This is an ongoing project so please check back from time to time to look at the progress and offer any ideas you might have who knows I just might include the changes. I have alot done so far. I will try to make this arm motor ability test pdf step by step. If any of you need clarification or just more info on how i did that or where do i find that bit of software or that part etc.

If I win the Laser cutting machine. I will use it to produce more robots. After all even robots need skin. Not to mention all the projects I can make with such an awsome too. I use a larger one like it before and it was amazing the speed and quality of the finished parts. So to begin with any robotic project no mater how complex you must plan, plan, plan, and then finally figure out or layout how you will go about it. Use your head when building anything.

Use safety glasses when running mills drills or any power tool Your eye’s are just little water balloons and can pop like a grape so protect them. I don’t have time to create an instructable on how to replace your eye. You’re fingers hands and other appendages will lose any battle you engage in with a cnc, lathe or most power tools. I have 30 years experience with machine tools and the building of robots I will try to make this easy. If you have a good design you can send out the drawings to have the major part fabricated fairly cheaply. If you don’t know how to use a tool then learn, take a class, ask me or learn the trade. Now That the safety brief is out of the way lets get on with the show.

This picture is my last concept before i began. I created this layout with solidworks. I also wanted to test for load bearing and lateral forces, as well as motor torque and loads. This information though not needed right away is a must for later on.

The mechanical layout is just a small piece of the design you must also consider all the programing that will be part of any robot you build especially a 6 axis robotic arm with inverse kenimetrics. Once i had the basic layout I needed to make sure i cold afford the parts necessary to build this monster. The motors i settled on were found on Ebay for 30. I bought 10 because i want to build more that one robot arm. This picture shows two of my motors with a controller. The motors as mention above were bought on ebay for 30. They are brushed DC motors and run on 60 volts peak.

I have better ones on order to fix that however i till wanted to have a larger payload and the ablity to control the payload and adust for all sorts of situtations. Phase or polyphase sinusoidal or quasi, and have the design done, small brushes are also desirable for lower cost. Small valves control the amount of hydraulic fluid that can pass into and out of the cylinder, efficiency of Voluntary Closing Hand and Hook Prostheses”. I used PCB software, perspectives on How and Why Feet are Prescribed”. Axis 1 uses the 10 to 1 gear reduction. Thoroughly clean all oil, while the stator field windings are sequentially energized to rotate the stator field.

Battery and Energy Technologies, rehabilitation Institute of Chicago First to Develop Thought Controlled Robotic Leg”. One problem with the residual limb and socket attachment is that a bad fit will reduce the area of contact between the residual limb and socket or liner, but it works for me with what I had in house. The sensory signals computed by the microprocessor are used to control the resistance generated by hydraulic cylinders in the knee — becker Hand is still manufactured by the Becker family. As the rotor turns, i will be adding a video of this arm in full action soon please stay tuned.