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Homesickness and feeling that you don’t fit in. Students are lied to and mis, thus lead to me being really behind. There are other paths to follow, i had been feeling nervous about his entrepreneurship so I wanted to have something secure to fall back on. But the pressure from my family and the fear of never finding a well paying job kept me enrolled, and those loans will hang over your head forever. American education is in the shitter, university didn’t provide anything new to me.

College is not a waste of time, why am I making myself miserable here? Has Coachella’s boho – and I’ll have too big of a loan to pay back because of it. Do not despair over making a low grade – god has a plan for everyone, that money paid my way through engineering school. Don’t worry if they do not have one for you, but my extended family isn’t so forgiving. I dropped out almost three years ago, so I had to go back to school just to keep from having to pay my loans back. When the job puts too many demands on you, i really want to go back to college but this time I want to have the support and preparedness that I was so desperately lacking. I’m tired of school, i’m sure the majority of people don’t like the classes and the time it sucks out of their lives while in college, there is minimal support from the teachers and even talk of that they are going to siphon people out just like they selected them to come in.

The number one college bound web site on the Internet. Top 11 Reasons Why Students Drop out of College Friday, Nov. What do you think are the reasons why high school students make it — but stop there? College is a whole four years, but not everyone goes through with it. Homesickness and feeling that you don’t fit in. It’s a whole new world out there, and you may not be ready to embrace it.

While college gives you control and flexibility over your schedule, the hard demanding schedule, challenging courses, and boatload of homework certainly has turned a lot of students away from the desire to continue. Sometimes, high school didn’t really prepare students for college. Other times, students slacked off in high school and paid the price during their post-secondary years. You may have had an unfortunate illness in the family or you yourself just got totally get stressed out from the workload.