Dairy industry Gentle, low shear action from pumps that are corrosion and abrasion resistant. Pumps provides biopure case study pdf technology, high metering accuracy and excellent resistance to the viscous and abrasive fluids.

Tubing is available in 10 different materials and 50 different sizes, from 0. Watson-Marlow understands the challenges faced by food and beverage manufacturers. Your reputation and brand rely on product integrity and consistency. What’s different about our food pump range?

Other pumps can damage the product by using impellers, vanes, lobes or valves to move the product. The low-shear design of our food pumps enables superior solids handling. This reduces wastage, minimises damage, and results in a high quality finished product. Our accurate, hygienic, low maintenance pumps are the industry’s most reliable solution for metering flavourings, colors or additives, handling abrasive and shear sensitive viscous fluids, and treating process effluent. Abstaining from blood is considered an area that identifies them as the only true religion.

Scripturally Inaccurate – Most Christian religions recognise that there is no scriptural prohibition on Christians transfusing blood. Inconsistent – The Watchtower states God’s standard is that blood must not be stored, yet allows Jehovah’s Witnesses to use blood fractions derived from stored blood. Double Standard – Jehovah’s Witnesses use significant quantities of medical products derived from blood, but are forbidden from donating blood. Just as the Watchtower revoked its ruling that organ transplants are wrong in the 1980’s, over the last few years it has made significant changes to the acceptable use of blood. Every Jehovah’s Witness should seriously consider the implications of the Watchtower making such life and death doctrinal changes before deciding to refuse blood, when lives are at stake. The information contained here presents the Watchtower blood stance as of March 2015. Considering the changes that have occurred over the last decade, and the ongoing legal difficulties being experienced by the Watchtower Society, there will likely be more easing up in coming years.

The Bible refers to eating blood from animals killed for food, not blood transfusions that do not result in the death of the donor. The following table identifies Watchtower’s changing history regarding blood. Can these contradictory changes really be attributed to Jehovah’s direction? The Watchtower is inconsistent in allowing blood fractions. This is readily apparent when considering the following.