You need to login to do this. I’ve been across the cosmos, and I’ve seen a ton of different realities and lemme tell ya, this, bioshock rapture book pdf download definitely not a remarkable moment at all. In any way, shape or form.

Man, you never had such a non-reaction to this work than at this moment. You were in such a neutral state, you didn’t even feel like shrugging it off. In short, you had a True Neutral feeling about a work. It doesn’t even tick you off over it, as would some cases of So Okay, It’s Average. The rule of thumb is that if you can’t remember how you felt about that moment, it’s because you didn’t really have a feeling of it either way.

Contrast Dethroning Moment of Suck, Moment of Awesome. There are a few Betty Crocker ads on this page. Being a Homestucker, I should’ve been angry, but then I ate a taco. I saw this advertisement for something once today I think it was today. I didn’t really care about it. People really hate the Go Compare guy but I just didn’t mind him in the slightest. Watched some animes that everybody on this wiki raves about.

Your pluralisation of the word “anime” fills me with a deep sense of indifferent boredom. Now let us not duel with katanas. Try watching the more normal sort of entertainment. Didn’t really care about anyone in the small moving-picture sound-making box. Watched the supposedly hilarious FLCL, it wasn’t that funny. Watched the anime version of Valkyria Chronicles.