This is a list of 17 Best Free 3D Modeling Software For Windows. A 3D model can be defined as a model which represents an object in a 3D graphical mode and the blender modeling tutorials pdf of creating a 3D model is known as 3D modeling.

3D modeling has evolved a lot with the growth of computer technology. It is now commonly used in various industries, such as: Architecture, Medical science, Gaming, Animation, Film, etc. 3D models, you can use them to create complex 3D models easily with some simple tools. Some of these software are also popular, open source, cross-platform, portable, provides 3D rendering support, etc. Some of them can also be used as 3D animation software and the last two are 3D Lego model designer.

Let’s have a look at each of these software one by one. Note: This article contains very small summaries of each of these software as they provide a large number of features. Autocad 123D is provided to you by Autocad itself which is one the best 3D modeling software provider company. It is a handy software which provides some very useful tools and supports many latest 3D printers. FreeCAD is another handy, open source and popular tool which can make 3D Gaming models, Animation models, Industrial models, Architectural models, etc. Box, Cylinder, Cone, Sphere and Torus are some of the primitive objects which it provides. Some of its object modifying tools are: Boolean, Fuse, Extrude, Cut, Fillet, Thickness, etc.

You can also use it in Ubuntu, Fedora and Mac OS. DX Studio is one complete software to make different type of 3D models easily. You can make 3D animation, 3D games, 3D models, etc. It provides various different primitive type of models and tools for making these models. It also lets you create two or more models at the same time. OpenFX is an open source 3D animator, rendering and modeling software.

It can create 3D models and animation separately. It provides a large number of features and all the four view in the same window. There are many tutorials available on its website from where you can learn more about this feature-rich software. K-3D is a 3D modeling as well as 3D animation software which comes with 3D rendering support. It provides some useful features, such as: 3D Primitives, Different type of objects, boolean modeling operations, Instantiation, etc. Its Linux version also provides feature for collaboration modeling. This popular tool is also available for Mac OS, Linux and Solaris.

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BRL-CAD is a command based open source 3D modeling software. You can make Gaming, Animation, Interior Design, Architectural and other types of 3D models easily by typing some specific commands in a command window. It also comes with 3D rendering support. Apart from Windows, it is also available for Mac, Linux, Solaris and other OS. Let’s look at some good features that this software has. It lets you create different type of models, such as: Gaming, Animation, Industrial, Architecture, Interior Design, etc.

It also comes with 3D rendering support and also provides an attractive workspace. The software is still available for download and works pretty good. But there is no support available if you run into some issue. Wings3D is a small software to make 3D models but also a good one. It can create it with ease and provides some commonly used tools, such as: Extrude, Bevel, Bridge, Cut, Plane Cut, circularize, Intersect, Bend, etc. You can efficiently use it for making study, interior, architectural, etc.