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Karwar is a city in Karnataka being the head quarter of Uttara Kannada district in the Southern western coast of India. Karwar was part of the Bombay Presidency until 1956. Karwar is known as Kashmir of Karnataka by Rabindranath Tagore, Kuvempu and D. Tagore wrote his first Drama on Karwar beach. Kade means last and wado means precinct or area in Konkani and Kannada. Before Indian independence, the name Karwar was spelt Carwar.

Karwar Town was built by British in the year 1857 after the Mutiny. Kawar is also known as ‘Kashmir of Karnataka’. There is only Karwar Market , Habbuwada, Kajubag, Kone village, Baad Village, Kodibag, Kathinkon and Sunkeri village, Binga village. Earlier to 1857 there was no existence of Karwar city. Before that Honnavar was District Head of Canara District consisting upto Mangalore to Kodibag Karwar- till Kali river. Sultan of Bijapur to counterattacks from the north. At the ruins of Fort Siveshvar are a Muslim graveyard and a tunnel at the eastern gate.

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Portuguese traders knew Karwar as Cintacora, Chitrakul, Chittakula or Sindpur. In 1510, the Portuguese captured and burnt a fort at Karwar. Both the East India Company and Sher Shah, the sardar of Bijapur, were very much alarmed at this sudden development. They collected huge amount and offering it to Shivaji, prayed that they may be spared. In 1638 the English trading Courteen Association established a factory at Kadwad village, 6 km east of Karwar and traded with merchants from Arabia and Africa.