I haven’t posted in over a year and I budget speech 2015 16 pdf core vocabulary along with aided language stimulation. The big push for using core vocabulary began several years ago in my school division and in the last year, it exploded.

SLP training, more student evaluations, and much fun working with those students with limited or no expressive language. No time to write blog posts! 1 tool I wish I could have incorporated into my therapy earlier in my career. If you are on the fence, here are some common sense reasons to consider using core vocabulary and aided language stimulation.

Most of our students with limited or no expressive language skills need visual supports. Our students hear thousands of words each day. Longer, more comprehensive, videos can be found at AAC in the Cloud. I watched almost all of the videos at AAC in the Cloud. Below are at two of at least ten videos incorporating core vocabulary and aided language stimulation. Click here to sign up for the FREE Webinars scheduled from September 18 to September 22, 2017. Use core words on your mini-schedule to increase the use of functional language.

Do you have a mini-schedule within each therapy session? And, are your students privy to that schedule? Think about those professional learning activities that you attend. Isn’t it nice to have a schedule provided so that you will know when each speaker will be ending presenting, how long you will have to complete that team building exercise, and when you will be able to stretch or take a bathroom break?

Your students will appreciate the schedule and it may just make your sessions run a little smoother. For those with transition issues, a pull-off schedule would benefit. Simply Speech tamed some behaviors with her visual schedule. Make a FREE picture schedule at ConnectABILITY.

Use the provided photos and Boardmaker pictures or upload your own. I like the FREE Daily Schedule Cards by Miss B SLP at Teachers Pay Teachers. Flap Schedule – the perfect size for most speech therapy sessions. For your readers and older students, try a written agenda  or schedule. Use a dry erase board or something like the To Do List at Can Do Kinders. Look at the free Plan of the Day Posters for Speech-Language Pathologists at Teacher Pay Teachers.

Check out my post No Software Needed – Free Visual Supports. Find more about mini-schedules at PrAACtical AAC, The Autism Helper, and Autism Classroom Resources. This post began as a search for new core word activities. As I searched, I was amazed at some of the fabulous resources found. Core words wasn’t such a great search term. I found many ideas by searching for core vocabulary,  core word books, sight word activities, and life skills activities. 1 source for core word strategies and activities.