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Eventually we’d like to add annotations about the subject matter and improve the appearance and organization of this page. Until we get that kind of copious spare time, use your browser’s Find option to search this page. While most of the works have to do with Buffalo or Buffalonians, we included a few about Erie County, the Niagara Frontier, and Western New York in general. We omitted works that focus solely on the Niagara Falls area.

We leave that job for a Falls enthusiast. Many thanks to Librarians Do It Between the Covers for recognizing our 500th title! University of Buffalo as a training resource for library students. Diane Marie Ward and Craig A.

Dowski, discusses the UB libraries’ cataloging internship program. See the September 2003 issue of Computers in Libraries. Catalogue of an Exhibition of Paintings and Tapestries Collected by Mr. First Appearance, in 1832, of the Cholera in Buffalo, with Incidental Notices of the Late Roswell W.

Founding of the City of Ararat on Grand Island by Mordecai M. Early Reminiscences of Buffalo and Vicinity. The Early Firm of Juba Storrs and Company. Leonard Bleeker, Major of Brigade in the Early Part of the Expedition under Gen.

History of the Original Town of Concord : Being the Present Towns of Concord, Collins, N. Ecopolis, Design for Urban Contexts: A Case Study for Buffalo, N. Glimpses of Life in the Village of Buffalo. Historical Sketch of Niagara Ship Canal Projects, by Hon.

Proceedings of the Common Council, Statutes, Reports, etc. The Pictorial Year-book and Calendar for 1888, with Buffalo Events in 1887, Valuable Statistics, etc. Buffalo High Schools, 1898-99: Report of the Principal. Canal Enlargements in New York State. Certificate of Incorporation and Constitution and By-laws of the Buffalo Historical Society as Amended Jan.

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