City apartments, as many people know, can be small and stuffy. And while fresh air is a wonderful, healthful thing for people of all ages, in the late 19th century, the idea of actively “airing” your baby to cage of bones book pdf health started cropping up in parenting books. The concept was introduced by Dr. Luther Emmett Holt who wrote about “airing” in his 1894 book The Care and Feeding of Children.

Fresh air is required to renew and purify the blood, and this is just as necessary for health and growth as proper food,” he wrote. The appetite is improved, the digestion is better, the cheeks become red, and all signs of health are seen. Essentially, the thinking was that this was part of a process to toughen up the babies, and make them better able to withstand common colds. It was believed that exposing infants to cold temperatures—both outside and through cold-water bathing—would grant them a certain immunity to catching minor illnesses. Is there not great danger of a young baby’s taking cold when aired in this manner? Not if the period is at first short and the baby accustomed to it gradually. Instead of rendering the child liable to take cold, it is the best means of preventing colds.

How should such an airing be given? The child should be dressed with bonnet and light coat as if for the street and placed in its crib or carriage, which should stand a few feet from the window. All the windows are then thrown wide open, but the doors closed to prevent draughts. What are the objections to an infant’s sleeping out of doors?

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