Looking for book on mobile phone repairing. Download this PDF book for free to call for the dead pdf free download mobile phone repairing. This Mobile Phone Repairing Book in PDF explains mobile cell phone repairing tutorial and guide with help of pictures and detailed explanations and tips.

This how to repair mobile phones PDF Book is free to download. Make sure not to make any commercial use of the book. Also do not misuse the book. All material and content in the PDF Book is copyright of this website www. Santosh Das is an Engineer, Blogger, Young Entrepreneur and Founder of this Mobile Phone Repairing Website.

Santosh possesses vast experience in the field of electronics, telecommunication, Soldering, SMT, ESD Safety, and electronics manufacturing tools, equipment and consumables. Learn about all safety and precautions that must be followed while repairing mobile cell phone. Mobile phone repairing tutorial, helpful tips and Free PDF Tutorial to download. You have to Reset the Phone and get the Software Reloaded by some Technician. I have a phone GT-I9200 of which the display light does not work . Maybe the LED Lights are Gone and need to be replaced. LG k8 display backlight not working.

Clean the PCB with IPA or Alcohol and apply heat using hot air blower and check. If the problem is not solved then you may have to change the SIM and Battery Connectors. I bricked my lg v10 vs990 when upgrading through lg bridge. It went blank and when i connect to pc or laptop it makes the sound that something is connected. I sent it to repairer and later was told it comes on and off and now it does not connect at all.

Now my phone is totally not connecting to any pc and does not show any sign of life. Download the PDF from this site. Hello blogger i see you don’t earn on your site. Muhammad from Nigeria I have a gionee p5w if I switch the network to 2g it will start misbehaving pls I need ur help. They are in middle right side of the connector and now i dont know where to connect their jumpers.

I searched on google i got two jumpers’ place to soldier and now i dont know where to soldier the third one jumper. I just want to join the numerous other individuals who have wished you well. May the Lord continue to bless you in every way so that you can continue to bless others with your unwavering patience and sharing of your tremendous knowledge. Sir my Nokia asha is dead and I tried to fix it by changing battery and all other methods please give me suggestions about fixing it at home. Sir I have Samsung nobile gts 5830i stuck on samsung logo.

Plz tell me how to install a softwear in it and also tell me how to make scattered file. I am thank full to u. I want to know which one is the best for learning mobile repairing . Kerala , acma tech and prizm institutes in Mumbai and Intersoft in Surat . I was confusing which I one choose or is there any one have than I choose above institute . Why am I confuse because in my past I make one big mistake ,I learned a institute in Delhi I am not satisfied there .

Areas where mobile phones cannot transmit to a nearby mobile site, you need to buy a Software Box for yxtel. To PC by April”. Network Signal Info, can I use this plan but extend the frame a little to accommodate taller people? Some peoples comments make me want to troll them, what type of motor are you using in this cart? I have a phone GT, learn about all safety and precautions that must be followed while repairing mobile cell phone.