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Burger – Pizza – Bread – Hotdog – Spread – pickle – muffins – ALL made with carrots. Kitchens – Al Warraq are on a separate page. Carrots are grown all over the world and are readily available in all seasons. They vary in colour from orange, purple, black, pinkish, red, yellow and white. The Carrot is a very versatile vegetable and can be used in a myriad of savoury and sweet dishes, mostly very healthy eating and good alternatives to stodge.

It can be used as a starter, main course, sweet or just as a snack. Carrots may be eaten raw or cooked in almost any manner imaginable. Carrot is blood purifier, diuretic, carminative, digestive, anti flatulent, anti pyretic and vermifuge. Check out the nutrition page for full details. Carrots can be eaten sliced, diced, cut up or shoe stringed. They are sold in bunches, canned, frozen and dehydrated.

They may be baked, sautéed, pickled, glazed and served in combination with meats, stews, roasts, soups meat loaf or curries. The mineral contents in carrots lie very close to the skin. Hence they should not be peeled or scraped off. Dried roasted carrot roots can be ground into a powder and used as coffee substitute. Good in savoury or sweet dishes, raw or cooked, carrots are extremely versatile and while they’re delicious lightly boiled and served with butter and seasoning, there’s no need to stop there! Simply wash in cold water and they are ready to eat or cook with. No need to peel or top and tail.

Raw Carrots can be eaten just as they are and are particularly popular with children because of their sweet crunchiness and small size. They can be served halved or whole as crudités with other vegetables and a dip. Juice Naturally sweet Carrots make delicious juice. Bear in mind that to make enough juice for one you’ll need around 5 large carrots. Boiled Cover thickly sliced Carrots in boiling water and add a pinch of salt if you like. Simmer for five minutes or until they are just tender which you can test with the point of a sharp knife. Steamed Steaming is more gentle than boiling and allows the Carrots to keep their colour, flavour and texture.

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