This is my attempt to combine everything at once centralization vs decentralization pdf for quick convenient download. MA would be relevant for the given subject. For example, IGNOU MA Public Administration contains lengthy course on Human Resources, but majority of its chapters are not included in the UPSC’s Public Administration syllabus.

Majority of these PDF files provides direct copying of text. Note: In case of IGNOU, the material is subdivided into courses, just double click on zip files and they’ll start downloading. The index of each course is given below. Scope of the subject and comparison with other social sciences. Major theoretical strands of research methodology.

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Variables, sampling, hypothesis, reliability and validity. Protestant ethic and the spirit of capitalism. Formal and informal organization of work. Power elite, bureaucracy, pressure groups, and political parties. Nation, state, citizenship, democracy, civil society, ideology. Protest, agitation, social movements, collective action, revolution.