Please forward christmas gift certificate template pdf error screen to 206. A Christmas gift certificate template can make giving a gift certificate more personal and special.

A store bought gift certificate or card is a nice gift, but not always one that shows a lot of time or thought on the part of the giver. However, a personalized homemade Christmas gift certificate allows you to give something of yourself, to put a little piece of your heart into the present, and to show you really thought about the gift you are giving. It can act as the card for the gift certificate itself, or it can be placed within a card envelope accompanying a store bought gift certificate. An even better idea that may be appreciated is a Christmas gift certificate where you offer something of yourself.

A date night of his or her choice. He picks the dinner place, the movie, the activity and you treat. Several hours of free babysitting, housecleaning or other services, such as laundry or lawn mowing or dog sitting. This is great if you don’t have a lot of money to give a gift, but if you want to give of your time. This can be an especially nice gift for new parents or busy individuals who don’t have time to get everything done. A custom-made quilt, photograph, painting or other handmade item of his choosing. Be creative and think about what your hobbies are and how you can translate those hobbies into gifts.

This one is always appreciated by college students and those who don’t cook. Let the person pick from a selection of recipes that you know how to make. Any type of creative gift you can come up with will be appreciated and valued not just because of the thought, but because you are personally giving of yourself. Using the Christmas Gift Certificate Template You can use this Christmas gift certificate template to present your chosen gift to the lucky recipient. Using the template is easy- in most cases, when you click on the link, it will automatically open in the PDF reader you have installed and set as the default on your computer. Many computers come pre-installed with some type of PDF reader, such as Preview on a Mac, or you can download a free PDF reader from Adobe. After the file is open, you can edit the fields to input the information about the gift and the recipient.

Here is where you use your creativity to come up with the perfect custom gift. Printing The template will allow you to print three gift certificates per page, so you can fill out all three or you can choose your favorite and fill that one out. The certificates should be printed in color for best results, so if you don’t have a color ink cartridge, you may want to go to your local printing store and ask them to print the certificates for you. You may also want to print your certificate in high gloss paper or on card stock so it has more substance and so it will look nicer and more professional. You should be able to fit it into a standard sized card envelope easily, and then you have nothing left to do but wait until your recipient opens the present so you can observe the joy on his face. Free Award Certificate Template Pre-packaged certificates can seem generic and insincere, but searching for a free award certificate template means you can choose from thousands of different designs that you can use as is or customize. HEADING: This should says something simple like “Award” or “Recognition” or “Certificate of Appreciation.

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PRESENTED TO: This should say something like “This Certificate is presented to. NAME: Don’t forget to put who is receiving the award. DATE: The date is usually written out. For example, “on this 28th day of July”. REASON: Why are they getting the certificate? Put that on the award too. Sometimes, adding the signatures of bosses, or friends, or peers can make the award more personalized.

You can use pictures of people or something relevant to the award so there aren’t just words on it. Often, awards have some kind of inspirational quote representing the reason the recipient is getting the award. Finding Certificates Online to Print Check out 2020site for a number of free award certificate templates that you can download, edit, and print. The files are in PDF format, so you will only be able to add text and print immediately. You cannot save them to a disk. 2020site has brown and blue certificates that have borders and places to type or write basic information.