That deep lump of rage welling up inside you at the sound of someone’s obnoxious gum-clinical anger scale pdf or lip-smacking? It has a name, and for some people, it may be of clinical severity. These sounds don’t just annoy, they cause extreme distress and anger, often resulting in the patient lashing out verbally or physically. As a condition that has only been recognized fairly recently, misophonia is somewhat controversial in terms of its significance.

In 2013, Amsterdam-based researchers came up with diagnostic criteria that would classify misophonia as a new psychiatric disorder. Based on interviews with 42 people with similar symptoms and triggers, the researchers found that those with misophonia avoid social situations and use headphones to try to block out the offending sounds, and they experience daily stress over avoiding triggers. However, other researchers argue that it could be a symptom of other underlying psychiatric disorders like obsessive-compulsive disorder or generalized anxiety. Those who suffer from misophonia have higher incidences of depression and anxiety, and it’s associated with OCD, making it difficult to determine if hating certain sounds is an overlooked symptom of those disorders or if it is a diagnosis in itself. Whether or not it’s its own distinct condition, misophonia may be relatively widespread.

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In a study of almost 500 college students, almost 20 percent of participants reported clinically significant symptoms of misophonia. Again, it was found that the symptoms often coincided with anxiety, depression, and OCD. Still, it’s always exciting to be able to put a name to your aggravations. I don’t detest the way you smack your gum, I just am undergoing a misophonia-related rage blackout. In 2016, a study on mice found that certain sleep traits, like insomnia, have genetic underpinnings. Several studies of human twins have also suggested that insomnia can be an inherited trait.