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Containers make deployment easy, or at least that’s what it says on the label. It makes intuitive sense, though- instead of wrangling all your dependencies on a host OS, and then trying to understand why your app can’t see them, you bundle all the dependencies into a container and push that around when you want to deploy. Sandra had just left a company which didn’t use containers, but containers wouldn’t have helped: the didn’t have a working deployment process, period. They didn’t even try deploying before the production push 9 months into the project, and the first twelve attempts consistently failed because someone hadn’t tested something, or someone didn’t update the script, or the requirements changed and were signed off but nobody told the development team.

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Tim B did a little work with an e-learning vendor, with some very old code. What is impressive is that it demonstrates a terrible approach to dates which I’ve never seen before. Exceptions as an attempt at doing GOTO-style logic, and there were piles of unused variables or variables used before initialization. From that mess, Ian extracted this. If you’ve looked at job postings, you know that there’s one thing really big and trendy right now, and that’s blockchains. But the other trendy thing is Machine Learning!