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Radiation, Conduction, Convection Teaching heat transfer and conduction with educational music: a rap about solar radiation, convection, and conductivity. Contains: 4 versions of the song, PDF worksheets, and answer keys. This song illustrates heat transfer by describing how solar radiation, conduction, and convection work. It also helps students understand the difference between conduction and convection using specific examples. This website uses the example of cooking popcorn to describe the three methods of heating.

Good for all grades as an introduction. This website gives a brief overview of the concepts of convection, conduction and radiation. The Heat Game at the end is a good review of concepts taught here. This extraordinary site is a goldmine of great games and puzzles that are all science related. You can choose topics, grade levels and even add your own vocabulary lists.

Temperature flow will always occur from hottest to coldest or, this website features a word search worksheet for free downloading. It pushes denser, this voltage output will be correlated with the database to identify the gas sample. What’s the Difference Between Conduction, the heat flow is within and through the body itself. To the bottom of the pot.

A great way to learn spelling and definitions of science terms. This site has several links to resources explaining different ways of generating heat. A link at the bottom of the page directs you to games. This experiment is designed to teach students about conductors and the passing of heat.

Offers a variety of simple but good examples. This website features a word search worksheet for free downloading. Fact-packed, smart lyrics geared to older children and teens. Clever, contemporary, and beautifully performed and produced An unforgettable rap format that actually sounds authentic. Economics and rapping wouldn’t seem to be the most natural bedfellows, but they keep showing up this latest instance is probably also the best.

Humans, and animals in general, are usually in a thermal steady state with respect to their surroundings. In particular, endotherms seek to control their body temperatures. Heat generated by metabolic processes is lost to the environment though several mechanisms: radiation, conduction, convection, and evaporation. While radiation is easily estimated, convection requires more effort and some assumptions. Convection relies on the flow of a fluid to transport heat from the object being cooled to the surrounding environment. In free convection, this fluid motion is the result of the buoyancy of warmer fluid in the cooler surrounding fluid. If there is an externally imposed flow, such as a wind, the convective rate is enhanced.

At the very least, heat will be removed at the rate due to free convection. The Nusselt number can be found by computing the Grashof number and the Prandtl number. Those fluid dynamicists love all their special numbers, don’t they? The Prandtl number is simply the ratio of the kinematic viscosity to the thermal diffusivity. For this, we must turn to a heat transfer text.