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Ask the Spud: When Should I Use US-Listed ETFs? Q: Under what specific circumstances would it be better to hold a US-listed ETF if there is a Canadian equivalent? Until late 2012, there really were no great options for Canadian ETFs that held US and international equities. If you wanted a low-cost, cap-weighted index fund that did not use currency hedging, you were out of luck. But the case for using US-listed ETFs is not nearly as compelling as it used to be.

VUN has a higher management fee: 0. VUN has the edge in taxable accounts and TFSAs In my opinion, VUN should be the default choice if you’re holding US equities in a non-registered account or a TFSA. In these two account types, neither fund has any tax advantage: both ETFs are subject to the withholding tax on dividends. That means the only issues to consider in a taxable account or TFSA are the differences in management fees and the cost of converting currency. And in most cases, the foreign exchange costs will have a larger impact. VUN’s additional management fee of 0.

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