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Please forward this error screen to 67. Free and cheap CAD This page is devoted to free or cheap Computer Aided Design software. It ain’t pretty, but I hope it’s useful! CAD software which is cheap, or, even better, free! Update March 2015: Apologies for recent neglect of this site. I hope soon to have more time for it, and I’ll also be looking at moving to a more modern platform on this website.

Please do not bother asking me to help you locate illegal copies of commercial CAD software. The whole point of this page is to help people who want to use CAD software legally – but want it cheap or free. There is plenty of good stuff listed here – use it! ALSO NOTE: There’s also not much point in contacting me asking for a recommendation for your particular needs.

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All I know is written here. Just download some of the free ones and see if they work for you! Sept 2010: HSM ‘Show off your CAD renderings’ thread. As well as great inspirational images there’s plenty of useful hints and advice in some of the later pages of this thread. July 2009: HSM dicussion re CAD for Mac.

Feb 2009: CAD forum on Practical Machinist. More aimed at pros than hobbyists but stacks of good info, CAM as well as CAD. Jan 2009: Another thread on the HSM forum. Nov 2008: CAD thread on the Home Shop Machinist forum.

March 2015 A free cloud-based CAD system is about to be launched, it seems: www. According to this blog post and the feature list, there’s a completely free and fully featured personal edition that looks very promising. It’s really nice for ex-drafters like me that know the AutoCAD cli , and are too lazy to learn a new interface. June 2011: Autodesk 123D appears to be a new, free 3D system from the same people who make AutoCAD, one of the longest-established industrial CAD packages.

They are said to be full versions lacking only the databases of standard Russian parts. Some of the translations to English are a little imperfect, but I found the simpler APM Design to be pretty quick to learn. I think both are only for Microsoft OSs. That could be very useful, especially the ‘Structure’ one – I don’t recall seeing free 3D finite element analysis software before.