An A-Track subject course can only be combined with a B-Track subject course. C- and D-Track courses can not be combined with other courses. Course Description This course gives a wide overview of the development of public and private architecture in Berlin during the 19th, 20th and 21st centuries. Following an introduction to the urban development and architectural history of the Modern era, crossroads social studies 9 textbook pdf Neo-Classical period will be surveyed with special reference to the works of Schinkel.

Unter den Linden, Gendarmenmarkt, New Housing Estates, Chancellory, Potsdamer Platz, Holocaust Memorial etc. The course aims to offer a deeper understanding of the interdependence of Berlin’s architecture and the city’s social and political structures. It considers Berlin as a model for the highways and by-ways of a European capital in modern times. Student Profile The course addresses students of any subject, especially History of Art, Architecture and related subjects, such as History, Design or Fine Arts.

An elementary knowledge of architecture and architectural history is welcome but not necessary. More advanced students or those interested in a particular field can – on request – be given special assistance and further material for self-study. Reading A course reader will be provided. Reich’ that Hitler promised when he became Chancellor of Germany in January 1933 lasted but 12 years. During this time, however, Hitler and his Nazi Party came to dominate European and even world affairs, terrorizing vast numbers of Germans, launching a devastating war, and orchestrating the murder of more than five million Jews.

Yet Hitler and the Nazi Party gained the active support and involvement of most Germans. This class focuses on Hitler’s Germany and it begins with the essential 19th century background. How did political anti-Semitism grow there? What shaped the social and political life? Central to this session will be a discussion of the broad political currents and the popular literature that Hitler and many of his supporters read and absorbed. Crucial to understanding the lure of Hitler and the Nazi Party was Germany’s experience in the First World War, a conflict that decimated a generation and destroyed Europe as it was known.

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