Come along and help us plan for the future! The local community faces as many challenges as ever in promoting and defending our local heritage. So we are keen to re-engage with everyone who has an interest in crystal clear stories of hope pdf future of Crystal Palace.

As a community, we need to make sure that we are involved in the important decisions that are being made about the local area. The CPCA offers a way of making our voice heard. We would like to discuss with you how we can do this, so please come along to the Upper Norwood Library at 7:30 pm on Thursday 23rd November. We hope to have an open discussion and to agree some positive actions that we can take as a group.

In July 1969 Brian had seen, in our local Norwood News, an article l had written about our Crystal Palace Triangle. Our local council was letting it slip into disrepairl had a scheme to revive it with the creation of Family Arts Centre. This imaginative idea attracted the interest of many local people including the artist and graphic designer Mike Conrad and Brian Dann -poet! Mike produced designs for countless events and Brian created living poetry for and at all our events.

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I know he juggled many more poetry events and had a following of many young and not so young poets. He and Joyce hosted many poetry evenings in their home – the poetry encouraged by Joyce’s delicious refreshments. Brian brought his two very small children, Bunty and Nigel, and stayed all day to help! Brian had so many interests and was so interesting – I wish l had been able to go to his University of the Third Age classes! He was so patient and so good at explaining things! And I treasure the little books of poetry he gave me.