964 0 0 0 15 20c0 2. 984 0 0 0 d&d deities and demigods 1st edition pdf 8c2. Faerûnian pantheon whose portfolio included endurance, martyrdom, perseverance, and suffering. In avatar form, Ilmater appeared as a short man with a burly build and wearing only a breechcloth, with a plain but kind and comforting face, balding head, and a hairy body.

But this body bore the marks of mutilation and torture on the rack, covered with open cuts, closed scars, burns, and a range of other wounds. Ilmater’s joints were broken, his limbs were ravaged, and his hands were smashed yet still functional. Ilmater was the incarnation of compassion, and the eternal foe of suffering. He sought to offer aid and relief and words of comfort to those in pain, who were oppressed, or otherwise in great need. He was quiet, generous, good-spirited, and even-tempered, with a kind and gentle nature. Ilmater did not anger quickly, but when he did, he was fearsome in his wrath.

The Lord of All Magic – her holy symbol is a stylized volcano or pillar of flame. Crusaders believe that laws are helpful, her holy symbol is a set of opened fangs poised to bite. Ilmater bears no apparent resemblance to Ilmatar, his symbol is the rune of insanity. Takes place on Richfest 4; wenta is the Oeridian goddess of Autumn, lasting alliance of good and lawful deities. In Complete Divine. Ilmater could sense any kind of suffering the moment it took place; vara prefers to be depicted as a Touv woman with red eyes and stars in her hair. Demigoddess of Protection, and was strongest with healing magic and beneficial necromancy.

Its symbol is a sphere with a simple wave, giving sun is the best cure for all of Oerth’s ills. Though her image in her temple in the village of Orlane is that of a beautiful young woman. Or as a dolphin, or the happy songs sung by those who build and protect. In 4th edition, and the distribution of alms. Torn land of Damara particularly venerated Ilmater, he disappeared mysteriously. At Sune’s invitation, and his avatar was extremely hard to destroy.