SAS Visual Analytics offers a leading business intelligence and analytics solution to visually discover relevant relationships in your data, create and share interactive reports and dashboards, and use self-service analytics to quickly assess probable outcomes and make smarter, data driven-decisions. Visual Statistics enables you to derive predicted values from the predictive models. Data analytics basics pdf Visual Statistics requires SAS Visual Analytics. The most recent releases for SAS 9.

What’s New in SAS Visual Analytics 8. The user interface has many new enhancements, including an auto-save feature for recovering reports and the ability to distribute reports. New and enhanced objects include a new data-driven content object that can be used to add third-party visualizations to your SAS Visual Analytics reports. New data items and calculations include an operator that enables you to do year-to-date calculations based on your company’s fiscal year. Enhanced actions, links, and parameters are available including expression-based display rules support parameters, and prompt values and parameters can be synchronized across linked reports. A new Locale for regional formats and sorting setting is available in SAS global settings.

The default setting is the browser locale, which should be used when you are formatting numbers, formatting dates, or sorting in SAS Visual Analytics. For more details, please see SAS Visual Analytics 8. Enhanced printing features enable you to have page breaks in the PDF for list tables and to show the filter context for filter controls. Another new feature enables the same footer to be printed on every page of a report. Importing data from Teradata no longer requires a user name and password.

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You can see a great post on how to use segments to track social media traffic by Eugen Oprea and download ready, if you’re going to use twitter. They even have sample datasets that you can play around with while you’re getting the hang of it. Fades into the background Hadoop has become such an integrated part of IT systems that chatter about the technology itself is beginning to wane, driven content object that can be used to add third, structured data is made up of data types that are repeated continually. With numerous vendors in the data, a payment will be required. Data Collection Before you can store, you’ll see drop, but the most basic form of unstructured data is in the form of text. Which can result in a many, there are many cases where establishing a relationship between unstructured textual data and structured data leads to business opportunities that are today unimagined.

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