A list of data structures and algorithms solutions manual pdf related digital signal processing acronyms, definitions, and terms. A logarithmic mapping between 8 bit data space and 13 bit sample space as described in the CCITT G. Power line transmission frequency is either 50 Hz or 60 Hz depending on global location. The audio card’s ADC connects to the Input Devices window.

A lossy CBR audio compression codec. Adjust the input gain automatically so that clipping overload is avoided and optimal ENOB bit usage is achieved. Also see the AGC channel mapping spaces. Decimation without proper filtering causes aliasing which irreversibly corrupts the signal. To experiment with the effects of aliasing see the anti-alias filter option in the Input Devices window.

See the modulation option in the Tone Generator window. A data modulation scheme that involves changing the amplitude of a carrier frequency. Constant spectral energy at all frequencies with a probability histogram that follows a Gaussian bell shaped curve. See the Function option in the Tone Generator window. A signal that is centered around zero Hz. Both real and complex quadrature signals can be mixed to baseband.

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The operation is performed by a DDC. Common color depths for video displays are 8, 16, 24, and 32 bpp. A data modulation scheme that involves changing the phase of a carrier frequency. Less efficient than VBR but easier to implement in fixed data stream applications.

CMY is a color space rotation of RGB. See the RGB mapping menu in the Color Picker window. A lossy or lossless method of reducing the data bandwidth. The Output Devices window connects to the audio card’s DAC. A logarithmic ratio of powers or voltages. It can be an absolute level when used with a 0 dB reference point or it can be a relative difference measurement. Each sample bit contributes 6 dB of dynamic range.