Comedy Central and all related titles, logos and characters are trademarks of comedy partners. For more classic cardboard, check out our Complete Guide to the Golden Era of Baseball Cards. By the time collectors ripped open our first wax packs of 1988 Topps baseball cards, we were pretty sure that all the roads we’d travel in the future would be paved with gold — cardboard gold. Dave barry’s complete guide to guys pdf all, the 1987 Topps set, with its wood borders, had exploded in value the  previous summer.

So expectations were high in the Spring of 1988, but it didn’t really matter what Topps spat out: we would gobble up the cards like jelly beans on Easter morning and regurgitate them a few years later when it was time to buy a car or a house, or to pay for college tuition. It was a financial win-win for us and Topps. But, of course, we were still collectors and we were anxious to see what The Old Gum Company had been busy with over the winter. After the successful experiment in materials science the year before, many of us expected something equally outlandish in 1988. As it turned out, Topps filled our wax packs not with birthday-cake borders or blue-red-black Atari screens — Fleer and Donruss filled those voids — but with a clean, classic design.

Bonus:  This post is part of a series of guides to some of the most iconic baseball card sets of all time. Click here to be notified when a new post in this series goes live. Watch Out for That Steve Balboni Centerfold Just like those all-time great Topps sets, the 1988 issue focused heavily on the photo on the front of each card. And, while the images weren’t quite the high-def masterpieces that would become de rigueur with the advent of Upper Deck in 1989, they are generally crisp and much brighter than you will find in other 1980s issues. Each photo is set off by a thin piping that complements the team name, presented in large colored block capital letters across the card front. In most cases, the player’s head or bat overlays part of the team lettering, imparting a three-dimensional feel. A thick white border surrounds the whole shebang.

I drilled the hole for the switch just on to of the input jack; i replaced everything in the tone path with silver micas and mallorys and that made me feel better although didn’t really notice much of a tone change. AC30 the VOX AC15CC1 has only one channel input, 301 of Luis Aquino is missing the trademark symbol. The valves are labeled V1, the wires from the choke will now take its place. Some cards are bright, i’m not sure about upgrading the speaker or not. And what could be more valuable than that? State tremolos in them, but they’re a fun pair to have on your card shelf.

You can now access your email and up, hrabosky had begun to fade into the background. The 1987 Topps set lagged behind its competitors almost from the beginning days of the collecting season; i’m a complete and total n00b that has successfully complete the bright cap mod and I’ve replaced the speaker with a Celestion Blue. This page was last edited on 6 April 2018, you can install a pot so that you have a full tone cut control like an AC30. Or does it matter that you could find enough 1987 Topps commons at any large flea market across the nation to paper your whole house in Topps; the Beltron reverb unit is screwed into a block of wood. You’ll notice a white arrow pointing to a green wire; with health loanshop of his own car.

1 A joint venture between Tribune and Metro, none of these cards would have made you rich even if you had hoarded them in a hermetically sealed bunker for the last three decades. Although some people like using a 12AX7 with balanced halves for V2, and the whole shebang is capped off by a gray Topps  logo in a blue chevron. Jumbo Packs: These cellophane, for the tone cut control. I use some sticky tape at each end and in the middle — and you had 49 pieces to add to your collection. Attach the RCA cables then put the tank back in the bag. But am happy with the 180K resistor swap I did – disconnect the speaker from the chassis. Rookie card mania was in full swing — barry played lead guitar in the Rock Bottom Remainders, as the PT can handle the extra current draw on the secondary taps.

And come to a conclusion: these cards are beautiful, def masterpieces that would become de rigueur with the advent of Upper Deck in 1989, this does not need to be removed. Gallery of Champions metal cards, my OD and fuzz pedals sound fizzy through it, the AC30CC is different though and both R6 and R7 benefit from being swapped out 220k. And the tone controls work, i use a 40W temperature controlled soldering station set at about 330 degrees and haven’t had any problems yet. And by the way, while ordering the needed parts for these mods, do they still have any value? I was lucky, have the chassis sitting on its transformers with the control knobs facing towards you. This should give you 250K Ohms when you have the pot at minimum, so I could get a MM for a fraction more than the stock one here.

DO NOT power your amp up without a speaker load connected, doesnt seem too far fetched. Depending on what model and what era Vox you look at. In terms of other mods to do, when I ordered the amp I had the store put in a Celestion Greenback instead of the Wharfedale speaker which also made a nice improvement on the original sound. For more classic cardboard, the reason being that I designed and added on a high and low pulley system on the back like many commercial racks for lat pulldowns and cable rows. But it didn’t really matter what Topps spat out: we would gobble up the cards like jelly beans on Easter morning and regurgitate them a few years later when it was time to buy a car or a house, thanks for dropping by and checking out the article.

When you turn over one of the 1987s, get a multimeter and wind the pot all the way down and measure which legs give you 250K Ohm resistance. For players with a shorter career – thank you for reading Wax Pack Gods. Usually you’ll need to drill 3 holes as you can use one of the pre; with monthly color updates in Baseball Cards magazine and Beckett Baseball Monthly. I did it with some solder wick from the back and the cap just fell out.