European dispossession of the native populations by violence and deceit, euphemistically termed “the clash of cultures”, and with modern information on tribes and cultures. Open from the top menu and select all the kml files to open. If this is difficult for you, simply email me and I’ll get the kml Google Earth files to david haas god’s command pdf. For further assistance and news of additions and changes, visit the Native America Project on Facebook.

The “Fur Trade” category has 666 current titles. The NAP Library also IMPROVES current academic resources and makes them more accessible and usable. As another example, there is a “Bibliography of Bibliographies” in the NAP Library that currently contains 887 titles, compared to standard academic bibliographies that contain perhaps 100 or fewer titles. A related collection in the NAP Library is Place Names in the United States and Canada of Indian Origin, currently containing about 300 titles and soon to grow to over 1,500. Drag to pan, brush two fingertips upward on touch pad to enlarge, downward to shrink. Indian Tribes of America, federally and state recognized and non-recognized tribes, from prehistory to today, from BIA, NCAI, state, and Federal Acknowledgement sources. Indian Tribes of North America, by John R.

Swanton, 1953, Bureau of American Ethnology, Bulletin 145, US Government Printing Office, Washington DC. Federally recognized American Indian tribes — from BIA list, A-Z done. First Nations, Inuit, and Metis organizations and entites in Canada. Indian towns and villages identified mainly in Capt Smith’s map 1607, Swanton’s Indian Tribes of North America, Hodge’s Handbook of American Indians North of Mexico, 1910, U. Interior, Office of Indian Affairs, numerous books, maps and websites, along with other historical sources.

Native American archaeological sites, primarily pre-contact. Museums featuring Native American Indian archaeology and history and sites or centers for historic recreations and tourism, along with special library collections. Indian boarding schools, state schools, reservation schools, mission schools and colleges in US and Canada, from BIA and Indian Education sources, and other sources. Indians of North America–Education Schools Catholic Church–Missions St. Hampton Normal and Agricultural Institute, incorporated in 1870 Its work for Indians. Indian education: a national tragedy, a national challenge.

1969 report of the Committee on Labor and Public Welfare, United States Senate. Indian education in the American colonies, 1607-1783. Albuquerque: University of New Mexico Press. Report on Indian education: final report to the American Indian Policy Review Commission. Hampton Institute, and Helen Wilhelmina Ludlow. Ten Years’ Work for Indians at the Hampton Normal and Agricultural Institute At Hampton, Virginia, 1878-1888. White man’s club: schools, race, and the struggle of Indian acculturation.

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