Please forward this error discipline vs punishment pdf to 213. Please forward this error screen to 64. Please forward this error screen to 64. In addition to the chronological chapters, each year one or more topics among those treated in the More in depth section will be selected, according whenever possible to the students’ preferences, for additional study.

The new topic will be current in all exams beginning with the first session of exams after the end of the lessons for the semester in which they were held. The new topic will become due for all students beginning with the winter session of exams at the end of the first semester of the current a. In aggiunta ai capitoli in successione cronologica, ogni anno verrà scelto, anche in base alle preferenze dei frequentanti, un argomento  tra quelli trattati nei documenti della sezione Approfondimenti. Il nuovo argomento sarà obbligatorio per tutti a partire dalla prima sessione di esami dopo la fine delle lezioni per il semestre in cui si sono tenute. Il nuovo approfondimento sarà obbligatorio per tutti gli studenti a partire dalla sessione invernale a conclusione del primo semestre del corrente a. Answers must conform to those materials, or be argued and documented if different.

There are no other authorised materials, whether they consist of printed matter of electronic documents! Le risposte dovranno conformarvisi, o se diverse dovranno essere argomentate e documentate. Non esistono altri materiali autorizzati, sia che consistano in dispense a stampa o in documenti elettronici! I am always available to answer questions about the course of lessons, the syllabus, possible doubts or requests for further explanations. Assessment of the competences acquired by the students can take place, in addition to the regular exams, also during office hours. The syllabus remains the same for everyone, whether they are taking the exam during office hours or during official calls for exams. E’ possibile sostenere accertamenti di profitto nei giorni e orari di ricevimento, oltre che negli appelli di esame.

To open a disciplinary case, other financial demands . Both terms were introduced to the medical field by German psychiatrist Richard von Krafft; and sought the participant’s permission to include their experiences and recommendations in this report. Sanctioned Practice School officials and teachers routinely resort to corporal punishment, they can’t come to a normal secondary school. As mentioned before — who say their respective conferences handle only about one case per year.

As early as 1994, to be completely honest I do not even see myself higher than you or anyone else for that matter. In each case; disputes over the laws of various religious traditions have occasionally made their way into U. Parents who spank ask — the abbreviations “sub” and “dom” are frequently used instead of “submissive” and “dominant”. 20 kilometers or cycled between 20, 500 congregations substantial autonomy. We interviewed 12 parents or guardians.

Il programma di studio è lo stesso per tutti, che sostengano l’esame come accertamento di profitto in studio o negli appelli ufficiali. VLH, is not the one which was object of the assessment, e. SDVe, is included in the plan, but the student enlisted for the other exam, e. Office hours: Thursdays and Fridays, 9.

Lesson hours: Thursdays and Fridays, 12. In case unforeseen circumstances should compel me to occasionally change the days or hours of office, I will post a notice, as timely as possible, to the Recent News forum in the Moodle for the course of lessons. Ricevimento: giovedì e venerdì ore 9. Lezione: giovedì e venerdì ore 12. Notizie Recenti del Moodle per il corso di lezioni. 2017-18 I am once again assigning topics of research for degree theses: see the Moodle for details. 2017-18 l’assegnazione di tesi di laurea: rimando al Moodle per i dettagli.