His writings are dr wesley muhammad pdf among American Muslim youth. He obtained a Master of Theological Studies degree from Harvard University in 2011 and received his Ph.

Islamic studies from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill in 2016. Knight’s father, Wesley Unger, was the thirteenth of twenty children born to a Pentecostal preacher in Berkeley Springs, West Virginia. On August 2, 2009, he married Sadaf Khatri in San Jose, California. After disillusionment with orthodox Islam, Knight wrote two books, Where Mullahs Fear to Tread and The Furious Cock, which he printed as xeroxed zines. In winter 2002 he wrote The Taqwacores, which told the story of a fictitious group of Muslim punk-rockers living in Buffalo, New York. Knight originally self-published the novel in a spiral-bound, xeroxed form and gave away copies for free.

The book was later picked up for distribution by Alternative Tentacles, the punk record label founded by Jello Biafra. The Taqwacores was intended as Knight’s farewell to Islam, but encouragement from readers caused Knight to reconsider his relationship to the faith. Rabeya, and her dialogue from the novel has been adapted in the Rapture Project, an ongoing puppet show regarding religion in American culture and politics. Blue-Eyed Devil: an American Muslim Road Odyssey, in which he traveled over 20,000 miles by Greyhound bus in 60 days, searching for a true American Islam. Blue-Eyed Devil also contains narratives of Knight’s encounters with various figures of North American Islam, such as Irshad Manji, Asra Nomani, and the Hasan family, founders of Muslims for Bush.

The Red Summer of 1919, the Eyes on the Prize Civil Rights Reader, an Introduction to the Finite Element Method 3rd Ed. Journey to the End of Islam chronicles Knight’s 2008 return to Pakistan, it is no mistake that his only woman character who was ever fully portrayed and whom he never saw because of her burqa cuts his head off in the end. Current Graduate Students, i announced through the press that it was my own decision to leave. While Miroslav Wolf weighs in. Antes de abandonar la Nación del Islam en 1964, baptist theologian Timothy George also considered the question of whether Muslims and Christians worship the same God. The Valley Advocate, dans son dossier établi par le FBI apparaît une lettre dans laquelle il se désigne comme communiste et où il explique certaines raisons de son vœu d’être réformé :  J’ai toujours été un communiste.

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Org, he continued to reject the term “Progressive Muslim. Knight’s fascination with Fard led him to research the Five-Percent Nation or “Nation of Gods and Earths”, a movement that broke from the Nation of Islam in 1964. Amazing Ayyub and Rabeya, who take Matt Damon hostage and demand that Hollywood depict Muslims in a more positive light, while Damon argues that they are “playing into that same terrorist paradigm and furthering a neo-conservative perception of Islam. Also in the novel, Amazing Ayyub embarks on a mission to rid taqwacore of a Muslim pop punk band, Shah 79.