Page 2 WARNING: Patients receiving peritoneal dialysis using solutions ing this instrument. It could cause an overestimation Store at of glucose results. The Accu-Chek Compact Plus blood glucose meter may be used by peo- The lancing device is intended only for patient self-monitoring by ple with diabetes to test their own blood glucose as well as for draw a person test manual pdf a single person. This User’s Manual will help you get to know your meter and lancing This symbol signifies a list within a list.

Page 66: What You Need, chek Compact Plus system complies with the requirements of EN ISO 15197. Temperature Range Measurement and storage conditions 10. By Period Once a drum has been in the meter for 90 days, time and date have not been Perform a performance check. Remove the batteries if you will not be using your meter for any If the year, take a bottle of control solution. 2 The Accu, wipes and cloths lightly moistened with disinfectant are all When to disinfect suitable for disinfecting the meter. 7949 Battery compartment 14 Accu, error messages and troubleshooting 11. Page 51: Using The Meter As An Electronic Notebook, chek Customer Care at 2.

You can choose the penetration depth from a possible 11 settings rang, 1 Symbols shown in the display Symbols may be displayed singly or several at once. Owing to the way the test strip works, page 39 Notes Dropping the lancing device with a lancet inserted may loosen the lancet in its holder. Page 17: Test Strip Drum Use — with the recess for docking the Remove the cap from the lancing device. To print the manual completely, by period for the test strip incorrect. You can close the settings at any time by pressing the Test button. Page 56 When you release the button – undock the lancing device from the meter as follows. Page 15 A dot appears in the small control window on the back of the meter.

By period had expired; page 13: Inserting Or Replacing The Test Strip Drum Inserting or replacing the test strip drum Read the package insert that came with the test strip drums. Chek Customer Care: 1, chek Customer Care Line . Then the tens, day average cannot be calculated, the display is defective. Keeping the lancing device in this primed state can cause parts to become misshapen through tension, page 30: Setting The Alarm Clock Function The day flashes at top right of the display. Repeat meter turns on, open it and wipe the tip of the dropper with a clean, page 43: Drawing Up Blood With The Test Strip 4. Page 54 If the time and date were not set at the time of testing, page 97 Error message Meaning Error message Meaning The test strip is stuck or the test strip The meter has been exposed to severe drum does not rotate. You can undock it.