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We will follow up with you promptly. Wild Edible of the Month Subscription Wild Edible of the Month is a digital magazine that is offered via subscription. Digital magazines are designed for PCs, Macs, tablets and mobile devices. Includes identification, harvesting, preserving, nutritional and medicinal information, health benefits, photographs and recipes.

This 63 page book contains identifying information and colour photos on 30 popular edible weeds, including nutrient content, health benefits, as well as interesting facts. Very useful for plant identification in the field. It comes in a handy 5. Slip it easily into a pocket while out foraging for food! If our power grid goes down for an extended period of time how will you get the nutrients your body needs? Winter Survival Food contains valuable information on how to survive on wild edibles during the sparse winter months. Winter Survival Food is a full colour gloss publication, sized 5.

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