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Expansion Interface III connectors are provided for interfacing with additional extender boards to provide LCD, camera, video, and audio. Traditional mechanical switches for changing the board’s factory setup have been removed in favor of I2C controlled software switches. The only remaining mechanical switches are the boot mode switch, JTAG configuration switches, and push buttons. Embedded Studio Release Notes for the latest information about System Requirements. Pricing displayed is based on 1-piece.

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1995 – 2018 Analog Devices, Inc. In this video I am going to continue my series on the Beaglebone by demonstrating how to use its GPIOs for both input and output applications. LED and the other that receives a button input. I covered this topic below before in a previous video. These are available in the docs directory of the github repository above.

The example demonstrates a simple LED output circuit and a simple pushbutton input circuit that we can connect to the Beaglebone GPIOs directly. The 4,500 page document that I mention 15 minutes in is available for download from Texas Instruments’ Website. Hi Derek, I have been following your tutorials for gpio devicetree for my BBB. I want to modift the dts file you have and recompile it. I’m on wheezy, I installed it with apt-get install, and I see it downloaded the latest 1.

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