Please forward this error emerging technologies in computer science pdf to 96. EIT Emerging Implant Technologies Acquires 22 Patents for 3D Printed Expandable Cage Technology Based on Living Hinges from Dr.

EIT continues to be disruptive in the creation and execution of 3D printed spinal cage technology. The combination of 3D printed cellular structures with functionality is disruptive game changing technology. 22 issued and pending patents for 3D printed expandable spinal fusion cages based on living hinges from Morgan P. Morgan Lorio is triple board certified in spine, orthopaedic and hand surgery. Since recovering from a significant spinal injury, he has become a renowned advocate for patients with spinal injuries, an expert in spine policy, and a notable pioneer in spinal technology. 3D printed cellular structures with functionality is disruptive game changing technology.

I am thrilled that these technologies will be advanced by the German engineering team of EIT. The first functional spinal fusion cages based on the patent acquisition will be launched in 2018. EIT is the first medical device manufacturer to exclusively focus on implants for spinal alignment, that are designed according to latest published science on optimal bone ingrowth in porous titanium scaffolds and produced with additive manufacturing methods. In July 2017 EIT has received full approval from the FDA to commercialize its spinal interbody product offerings for ALIF, TLIF, PLIF and Cervical procedures. EIT was founded in 2014 by Hans Eekhof and Guntmar Eisen. 000 EIT cases have been performed in over 15 markets globally.

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