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What if you can prototype your next idea quickly and cheaply without learning any new tools or programming languages? What if you can send your prototype to friends to play with and give you feedback, without having to install anything on their mobile device? What if you can integrate your prototype into your presentation, and click through it to show your audience how it works, rather than boring them with bullet points? And what if you can do all this without touching a design tool or writing a single line of code? Here are the UI elements I use in that presentation, which were all vector shapes created from scratch in Apple Keynote.

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The challenge with existing wireframing and prototyping tools is that you need to be a designer to create a good looking app prototypes. Additionally, most of them will help you create static screens, but not something that you can click through and test out. Keynote includes powerful drawing tools, smart guides, styles, locking, and grouping. Finally, it works seamlessly with Adobe CS apps, so copying and pasting graphics works seamlessly across. How do you create a similar prototype in 30 minutes or less?