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500 material to cut smooth edges like my HRS0. I was wondering if any one had some baseline cutting conditions for this material. I have been using a NON WAC and a 7″ focal length. Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated. I believe this is a mild steel. MIN 4000W 2000HZ 100 DUTY GAS 0.

I am able to cut better however the edge is still rough and sometimes it randomly doesn’t finish cutting a hole all the way. We are scheduled for a turbo repair and also optics. Could it be our optics and turbo have something to do with our cut conditions? Is there some other adjustments we could use? Leave the power at 4000W, but try to lower frequency to 700 and duty to 75.

If that still doesn’t cut good, could be something going on with the beam, or maybe material specs. Were you able to cut that same material with good quality in the past? 187 material but as soon as I go back to . 500 I will try your last suggestion. I believe that maybe turning the freq. Again I really thank you for your assistance.

2 was tricky at times but was mainly material related. 5″ lens otherwise you’ll barely see changes with . 5 MM, that I would do on a 5″ Lens. Sometimes it’s not worth fighting the material quality and it’s more important to get parts out the door. You’ll likely succeed by lowering the power, feedrate and using a larger diameter nozzle. 500 material in the pass and got a pretty clean cut without using the WACS head. However we just replaced 2 discharge tubes and are in the middle of a turbo replacement.

Sandoval said, the beam quality has to be just right, the alignment, very good, nozzle and lens in great shape, and the focal point, almost perfect. The way I try to explain it is, the cutting window is very small, not forgiving at all. What the previous post suggests, is breaking out a larger diameter nozzle and making the cutting window bigger, more lee-way on the other settings. I agree the WACS set up is a pain. You don’t have to use this cutting head when you go with the bigger nozzle diameter. Use the WACS cutting condition just turn the water “off” and it should work out well.