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Here are some of the latest developments to keep you current. Google Earth comes to a Windows Web Browser Near You! The plug-in uses Java, so advanced level classes can now combine programming with Google Earth like capabilities! Panaramio, Flickr and of course, Google Earth. It also supports GPS devices too! Once again, this is Windows Only and it doesn’t have anything to do with Google Earth, other than to show a beautiful alternative to Google Sky, but my gosh, the software is amazing!

My students were immersed in space for a full class period of their own volition, which says a lot! There are so many great things about this free software I could go on for pages, but one thing the kids and I really loved was the Tours. This was the program that really got me and my students excited about global visualization years ago. I purchased the full version for personal use since I want to encourage development, but unfortunately there is no way a single programmer can compete against Google, Microsoft or ArcGIS. The one advantage I can see in the new release is the ability to have an embedded web browser. With the incorporation of it being Java enabled, it allows for a stunning array of visualization and development possibilities as well as the ability to embed World Wind windows in web pages for all computer platforms. Flat Stanley icon for use with the Flat Stanley Project.

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