It is an example of post-zombie apocalypse setting. Ruin takes place fourteen years after the zombie outbreak, when most living humans are spread out in small settlements just flesh and bone jonathan maberry pdf getting by.

The communities rely on traders who pass through and the sparse gardens that a few people cultivate. Ruin plays out in a settlement and in the land outside of the fence, the Rot and Ruin. Benny Imura and his friend Chong look for a job. Benny is against becoming a zombie hunter. After trying many jobs, Chong becomes a spotter for the local watch, but Benny is still left without a job. Out of options, he finally asks Tom if he can be his apprentice. Tom accepts and the next morning they set out into the Rot and Ruin.

While they are beyond the fence Benny realizes that zombies are not monsters and should be respected as the dead are. Tom reveals to him the immorality of the hunters who maim the zombies to hunt them for sport. A collectible zombie card of The Lost Girl piques Benny’s interest. He finds the card’s artist, Rob Sacchetto, who tells him more about the Lost Girl, who wanders the Rot and Ruin, surviving on her own.

When Benny leaves, Charlie Pink-eye and The Motor City Hammer stop Benny at the door and demand that he hand over the Lost Girl zombie card. They threaten Benny, which causes Benny to lose respect for them. Tom intervenes and takes Benny home for training. Benny and Nix see a jumbo jet fly overhead, turn around, and fly away. They decide to pursue the jet and see where it came from. In the end Benny and Tom go to Sunset Hollow, where Benny, Tom, and their family lived before the zombie outbreak.

Benny realizes that Tom was not a coward and took Benny and ran away from their parents, who had already been infected. He earns respect and love for his brother. Ruin won the 2011 Eva Perry Mock Printz medal. It was also selected to be a finalist for the 2010 Cybils Award, and won the 2011 award. The novel also won four of the eleven nominations it received for Melinda Awards. You can help by adding to it.

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